binair01 ● Partyzani bohémien

  • This event took place on May 10, 2018
    at 20:00
  • Burgstraat 18K 9000 Gent

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binair01 creates huge music diversity on one dancefloor. Partyzani is constantly raving, roaming and looking for the most beautiful spots to camp our restless dj-booth, following our gipsynose, unlocking bohemian adventures. This edition is a special one, as it will let you discover for one night only a suprising, uncanny location in the middle of Gent, invited for the opening night of EXPO | Nestor: Oost-Europa in Gent by The Caravan's Journal.

The Partyzani editions focus on balkan bass – being just the shakra wheel reeling in the latest evolutions of contemporary, innovative and thrilling party music from the East. You can call it party balkan with a gipsy wink, Middle-Eastern rap, uptempo klezmer, dabke from the pulsing nightclubs of Beirut, electroswing with Scandinavian hiphopbeats or any other crazy kitsch Bollywoodbeat, but it may be wiser to listen and try not to dance.

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DOORS 20:00
Live artist to be announced soon

◕ party dj-set by Mnsr Zéro 01:00 - 04:00

Before and after the concert resident dj Mnsr Zéro will spoil you with 5 hours of mesmerizing balkan, gypsy, swing, dabke and other kitsch bollywood tunes in his own serious kind of crazy way. See you in a few days.

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