binair01 # balkan sessions # w/ VETEX, Boris Viande, mnsr zér0

  • This event took place on December 04, 2015
    at 20h00
  • Ham 72 9000 Gent

♫ | ♫ ▬▬▬▬▬ M U S I C ▬▬▬▬▬ ♫ | ♫
This edition is dedicated to balkan music. Tonight is a joyful celebration of its incredible versatile faces and its ability to fuse genres and people. Some of the best French and Belgian examples of this border crossing phenomenon will make you dance from second # one.

But beware! Binair01 wouldn't honour its pledge to diversity if there wasn't a hell of an afterparty with some mmmmore...

gypsydoodles ✦ klezmerwhirls ✦ swingelectrics ✦ afrolatinovibes ✦ reggaetónrhymes ✦ cumbiamaniacs ✦ flamenco nuevo ✦ etceteratango
●|● ▬▬▬▬▬  L I N E - U P  ▬▬▬▬▬ ●|●

◔ 20u30 Orchestre International du Vetex (BE/FR)
∙ Album release concert, see below for more information


◑ 22u30 Boris Viande (FR)
∙ French balkan reference from Paris, combining live trumpet & dj-set

◕ 00:30 Mnsr Zéro (BE)
∙ binair01 resident dj, playing a new set of tracks from all kind of origins, with minor or major balkan sound influences

★|★▬▬▬▬ P L A Y L I S T S ▬▬▬▬★|★

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# balkan sessions # playlist

۞|۞ ▬▬▬▬M O R E  I N F O▬▬▬▬ ۞|۞


... was founded in 2004 as a temporary marching brass band against the demolition of the old textile factory "Vetex" in Kortrijk, Belgium. Since then, they grew out of their acoustic wedding&funerals brassness up to an astonishing variable and versatile +/-15-piece collective of Flemish, Walloon, French and Balkan musicians.

This make-up became a renowned energetic live-act playing on the main Belgian genre-crossing festivals like Couleur Café - official,ESPERANZAH! World Music Festival, but also in their own very inspiring regions of Sarajevo, Belgrade, and Czech Republic (Colours of Ostravafestival).

Their main characeristic is to mix up not only artist origins, but also musical influences. They combine balkan music with gipsy & ska, afrobeat, cumbia, and other latin based rhythms - even some hints of Sicilian tarantella.

Tonight they will present their brand new and 4th studio album "Fifavela", which will be no exception to their succesful recipe.


The first time we saw trumpet player, composer and dj Boris Viande performing, we gazed at him in pure astonishment – until our feet dictated us to dance. Being the French reference for playing balkan influenced dance music, #balkan sessions# brings him from Paris to Ghent to fire the party up.


Our resident dj will play a new set of tracks from all kind of origins, with minor or major balkan sound influences. The best old-fashioned balkanbeats pimped with new mixes of tradition and evolution - such as the soulful sevdah music with swing influences or Roma wind tunes with contemporary dance rhythms. Combine this with a dizzling diversity of gipsywinks, Scandinavian hiphopswing, Spanish nuevo flamencoflair, popular Afrolatino on African clubzouk, rumba Catalána with fresh picked French ska, hot cumbiamestizo’s, solid reggaetón with fragile klezmer, and you know you won’t keep your feet still.

Get ready to dance your heart out!