binair01's resident dj mnsr zér0


Mnsr zér0 combines an expanded music collection from all quarters of our planet with traditional clubmix techniques. The sum of classical beatmatching and unconventional dancetunes results in a unique sound.
His sets are surprising blends of greasy balkan with a crazy gipsy wink, super tight electric cumbiabeats on eclectic afrolatinoriffs, hot Spanish nuevo flamenco melting on übercooled Scandinavian swinghip-hop, rumba Catalána versus African clubzouk, contagious ska infecting French jazz manouche, solid reggaetón devouring fragile tango, Arabian raps clashing with uptempo klezmer. His mixes always feature an exciting variety of rhythms and are a real relief for people addicted to dancing and searching for challenges beyond the simple beats of shallow radio hit music.

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Sonar ● tropical bass party 3/11 playlist (Youtube)


The music we collect is carefully selected on its dance pedigree and complexity of influences and variety of rhythms. Dancing is the very core of our events. It is not wobbling on endless repeating beats. It’s not waiting till the dj drops a radio hit with a recognizable tune to suddenly go wild. It isn’t shining in front of a photographer’s lens with your whitest teeth either.

This playlist is dedicated to southern dance rhythms, preparing for the Sonar ● tropical bass party on 3 november. For full content and quality, listen to the Spotify version or Deezer version. Some mixtapes are shared on mixcloud.

Vrijwilliger op binair01 & Sonar


Er komen prachtige dansvloeren en heuse festivals aan. Daarom zoeken wij vrijwilligers! Werk je graag mee achter de schermen? Sta je met plezier een kort shiftje achter de bar, in ruil voor gratis feest? Invullen maar, en wij contacteren jou!

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Sonar ● the African cumbia connection (mnsr zér0)


Gent based dj mnsr zér0 is part of the binair01 music selection team and hosts the Sonar and Partyzani booth. His mix digs deep into #planetmusic and connects Latin cumbia with one of its multiple origins: African rhythms. The Sonar party editions focus on all the latest evolutions of contemporary, innovative and extremely catchy party music from the South.