f i e s t a. p a r a b a i l a r.
The ✦ COLORCALOR ✦ series discover melting dance music from all over the world. This edition opens the new season with a pure dj-set night.

Live radio dj-set by resident dj mnsr zér0


Live mix by mnsr zér0 on Radio Taxi, Urgent.fm, presenting the opening party binair01 ✦ COLORCALOR ✦ on october 16, 2015 @Sioux, Ghent.

The mix includes some gentle electrocumbia with swingbeats and balkansoul, funky brasileiro with afrolatino in a clubmix of exciting dancetunes from all over the planet.

Third edition in the beautiful ballroom venue at Vooruit, presenting the very first concert of Belgian-Brazilian band Mocambo, Brussels based Jaune Toujours and French mestizogroup Les Barbeaux.