웃 20:15 - 21:00 | Bulgarian Dance Demo + Initiation Contemporary Dance on Balkan party tunes


The Balkan Sessions festival harmonizes tradition and innovation. The dance demo quite literally puts tradition against contemporary; at one side Bulgarian folk group Zdravets, at the other side contemporary dancer Tchi-ann Liu. Specialized in the relation between dance and music, she will hand you over some basics of contemporary dance techniques on new Balkan party tunes in an open workshop.

Cross-over flamenco danceworkshop


Our workshop coach tonight is Hilda La Flaca, an experienced flamenco dancer well-known from the famous collective Esta Loco. She takes you along the roads flamenco and gypsy music has travelled; from Radjastan to Egypt and back from North-Africa to Spain. It will make you float and fly on the meditative chants from Khadjuraho, the sparkles from an Andalusian guitar, the ethno-fusion from Titi Robin and the solid flamenco urbano from Ojos de Brujo.

This workshop is accessible for everybody having some rhythm feeling, and above all possessing a lot of love for music.

TIMING: 21:30 - 22:30, De Centrale, fr 31.03

Danceworkshop Electro Swing at gc#3, 24.02


WHEN: feb 24, 20:00 - 21:00

WHERE: De Centrale, Gare Centrale

PRICE: free for combiticket holders


In this workshop you get an introduction in Electro Swing dance, a lively, playfull dance style that combines swing vibes from the 30’s with contemporary influences such as hip hop, popin’ and locking. It will focus on the brass feeling and pimp it with some energetic excitement. No harsh steps, but mostly fun, theatrical moves in which your personal touch is the finishing one.

This dance can be danced in couple, or solo. This workshop will focus on the solo part. No experience needed, just the drive to dance and to have fun.

Shana teaches Swing and Blues at De Ingang and has her danceroots in swing, lindyhop and modern dance. She’ll mix those styles and the result will be some energetic, fun dancing to use on the dancefloor opening seconds later.

NEW - Dance experiment on binair01 music in collaboration with Wisper


Binair01 launches a new experiment in collaboration with Wisper. In the section 'contemporary dance' we've created a whole new course in which a top dancer from the Royal Dance Conservatory of Antwerp teaches you a choreography on binair01 music. Tchi-ann Liu (picture) searches for the fusion between dance and music - watch her perform in a Jef Neve clip here.

Practical information:

- subscribe here

- basic competention: level 2 contemporary dance

- courses each tuesday night between jan 31 and feb 21

- fees €8/36/40

- location: Les Ballets C de la B, Gent

Workshop by Twerkshop at ● colorCalor ●


Ladies & gentlemen, we present you the new & onliest Twerkshop!

Four dancers and one dj will teach you how to shake ya ass on deep bass reggaetón and dancehall music. Some call it sexy, some provocative, but one thing's for sure: both your eyes and your feet will be seduced in seconds only. You'll be heating up the dancefloor, steal the show, shop a twerkwork and get your muscles fully prepared for the amazing party that will follow.

This twerkshop will start at 8pm, and is included in your ticket for La Dame Blanche concert + party. No ticket yet ▸ goo.gl/fV2CW1.

Twerkshop are Gytha C. ParmentierEline DevoldreHadewijch VermeireFrauke Seynnaeve & Natalie Lobbens.